Who can do software testing course?

Ааа т`ва PC ме дразни вече...Как да инсталирам тая програма...всякакви такива работи тук ;)

Who can do software testing course?

Мнениеот midaf99540 на Пон Яну 23, 2023 7:49 am

To be a software tester, you must have a degree in computer science and programming. This is due to the fact that testing requires understanding of how the program communicates with computers and also the way it functions.

The ability to program is essential for software testers since they must be able to understand what's going on within the program and also how to communicate with it. They must be aware of what's happening under the hood, and be in a position to spot any bugs or mistakes that could affect user experience.

You need to be proficient in MS office , which is used to produce reports. You should also be proficient in software testing tools such as Selenium, Jmeter, Load runner , and many others. A deep understanding of the application or product. To develop these skills, you can enroll Software Testing Classes in Pune. SevenMentor is the best institute for comprehensive training in order to develop these abilities.

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