small laser cutting machine price in pakistan

small laser cutting machine price in pakistan

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Generally, the price of a small laser cutting machine is 20,000 US dollars, but the price is different for different configurations and different laser cutting machine suppliers. The small laser cutting machine refers to the laser cutting machine specially used for small processing places and small areas, and is a relatively popular equipment among laser cutting machines. Generally, laser cutting machines are aimed at large processing areas and small processing areas. For small laser cutting machines, what is their processing area? The standard definition is 700*500mm. Some laser cutting machine manufacturers support custom sizes, so you can customize the laser cutting machine according to the size of the material you are cutting
Laser cutting machines at different prices
Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. 1kw 3015 laser cutting machine - $15,500.00
Shandong Pcl Group Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. - $20,000.00
Accurl Cnc Machine (anhui) Manufactory Co., Ltd. - $34,000.00
Shandong Red Bull Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. – $15,800.00
Jinan Boduo CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. – $34,100.00
Jinan Sipu Laser Co., Ltd. - $15,000.00
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