List Of 10 Best Wicket Keeper In The world

List Of 10 Best Wicket Keeper In The world

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Being a Wicket Keeper is one of the most crucial positions in the game of Cricket. The Best Wicket keeper In The World is someone who is an exceptional observer and careful during the entire match. A wicketkeeper stand so close to a batsman does give them an edge in seeing things. He can play important role in guiding the ballers about where to ball. Some of the most influential players have been the wicketkeeper. He may be the difference between a victory or a loss in any match. Here is the list of the top 10 Best Wicket Keeper In The World that has done pretty well
1. Mark Boucher
Former South African wicketkeeper, Mark Verdon Boucher holds the record of higher dismissals in test cricket.
2. Adam Gilchrist
For the second position, we have an Australian wicketkeeper, the legendary Adam Gilchrist. Gilchrist won many awards for his magnificent performances throughout his career.
3. MS Dhoni
The former Indian captain, the legend MS Dhoni holds the third position on the list. Dhoni is known as the most successful captain in Indian cricket. Dhoni was a brilliant finisher and a very good batsman and was also listed among the “Most Influential People in The World” by Time Magazine.

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