Determining The Best Merchant Account Category For Your Busi

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Determining The Best Merchant Account Category For Your Busi

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Your goal will be to find merchants who require credit card processing. You will have interaction with each of the merchants and will be negotiating buy rates with them. When you speak to the processors, try to negotiate low buy rates for each of the specific industries such as low/high risk, adult and pharmacy. For any percentage that you sell above these buy rates, you will earn around 50% of the revenue processed!

For example if the buy rate is 3%, and you sell the account as 5%, you with make 1% of all volume processed for that merchant, forever! In this scenario, if the selling payment processing $100,000 a month, then you will receive $1000 per month just for negotiating the terms with this account. Most payment processors seek out merchant account resellers who can demonstrate amazing business to business skills, and a strong grasp on the merchant account industry.
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