The former director Ian Cummings left for similar reasons

Тук ще можете да следите какви нови опции са добавени в играта и кои от старите опции са променени :)

The former director Ian Cummings left for similar reasons

Мнениеот Nanling на Чет Дек 31, 2020 9:39 am

I have not been stunned at anything in video games because the ending of the last of us 1. I honestly can't believe they actually acknowledged us. They have always just ignored us. I'm still quite confident they won't add anything, but the fact that they even said anything at Madden 21 coins all is much better than that which we had yesterday! Fantastic start everybody, but we got much more voicing of opinions to do if franchise will get to where it ought to be! The developers have always been in touch with the fans. Was constantly going off on Twitter. He stopped and came out and basically said the developers are not in control, executives are. I've never seen a developer, or neighborhood supervisor ever admit the franchise community's frustration. We have been ignored for decades, and it's clear by community's frustration, and at the quality of the mode.

Rex Dickson is his title. He was always on twitter engaging with lovers. When he ceased he did a bunch of interviews telling folks why madden sucks. My point revolved around the fact that the madden team is totally dreadful at PR, and making their neighborhood feel heard and valued. So if he always lied, why are people believing anything he is saying today? Sounds like both times he is just saying shit in order to get views. A good deal of people won't provide this much merit till they see busy alterations, which can be sensible, but when is the last time anybody from the Dev team admitted the game mode needed fixing like this? Seems promising to me that they're addressing this. M22 might see an overhaul if this is legit.

Rex Dixon left the company pretty much for trying to push more franchise and gameplay fixes. Suits wish to push the game in a different direction. Rex murdered the last great Madden Franchise (Madden 12) using the shit version we've (Madden 13 to present). Was it specifically him though? Granted I've just listened to his side of the story following years of blaming it specifically on him. If the buck doesn't stop with the creative manager, where does this stop at? . Again this is coming out of his perspective, but in this breakdown of an interview w/ Rex, he cites he left EA, and how he pushed to delay the match for a year to to build the game from the ground up to move away from legacy code. The former director Ian Cummings left for similar reasons, in the end of the day EA is well known for killing franchises, and spewing into the lowest denominator in relation to client relations.

Can you say he was responsible, sure. However, I also think there were people higher up that made madden the match it's today. Rex was still the one to intestine M12's Franchise and replaced it with the dead version we have today. He had been there for that I believe 6 years. He turned into a"martyr" for him being outspoken against EA at the conclusion. Where was he when he had been in charge of matters and gutted the old franchise? Of course he is not going to take responsibility for his own participation, or lack thereof, to madden achievement. 2K nevertheless has a yearly dev cycle, has executives/VPs, etc. to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins appease. Yet, it generates a far superior finished product.

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