Why external m.2 ssd enclosures are becoming more and more p

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Why external m.2 ssd enclosures are becoming more and more p

Мнениеот Huidegui на Вто Окт 19, 2021 10:47 am

At present, as the degree of informatization continues to deepen, more and more people are choosing to use external hard drives. In this context, more and more people are choosing to use hard drive enclosures to protect external hard drives. The external m.2 ssd enclosure is a product that appeared in this context. So, why is external m.2 ssd enclosure becoming more and more popular?

1. Diverse functions

The backup of the original data of the machine tool is particularly important when the computer is used to replace the system hardware and upgrade the software. With the enhancement of the human-computer interaction and operability of the CNC machine tool, the system often encounters data changes, confusion, and even poisoning and paralysis. For SSDs with damaged interfaces and damaged components and few storage particles, physical replacement can be adopted, because although the interfaces are damaged and components are damaged, the main control chip and storage particles are good.

2. Good exhaust

The external m.2 ssd enclosure is a flat-shaped exterior part with a complicated internal structure and requires good assembly. It is composed of an upper cover and a lower cover. There are several grooves on each side of the upper cover and the lower cover, and there are installation inverted buckles. The disc box is equipped with an exhaust groove. Based on the above characteristics and combined with the shape characteristics of the plastic part, the plastic part is not large, the mold cavity is not deep, and the mold has an outer core pulling mechanism on all sides, and an inner core pulling mechanism, which can use the mold The matching clearance and parting surface are exhausted. The production process of this product is mainly to use laser processing blind groove ablation medium method, which avoids the problem of laser energy and dense stacking holes that burn through the copper layer and damage the medium in the bending area.

3. Easy to use

Most of the screws used to fix the back cover are on the side, and more products don't even have screws, just rely on buckles to fix. When removing the flat back cover, you need to start from the side button or the seam of the interface, use the disassembly sheet or the edge of the credit card to gently lift it, and then gradually peel off the buckles to both sides until the entire back cover is removed. Currently, a major development trend of solid state drives is to improve read and write performance. To this end, the solid-state drive improves the overall performance of the solid-state drive by configuring a cache device inside the controller.

As an auxiliary tool for computers, the external m.2 ssd enclosure with excellent quality and service greatly guarantees the safe use of computers, and thus has been recognized and favored by the market. I believe that in the future, with the continuous development of hard disk technology, hard disk enclosures will also be further developed and become a major must-have product in daily life.

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