LEDs and Displays

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LEDs and Displays

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LEDs and Displays

Known for its LEDs’ performance, efficiency and reliability, Broadcom offers an extensive portfolio of products that include high brightness and high power LEDs, PLCC surface-mount LEDs, and display backlighting module solutions. These LEDs and display modules address a wide range of markets, including electronic signs and signals, automotive, solid state lighting and LCD display backlighting. Get more news about Chainzone Led Display,you can vist our website!

LED Display customers can rely on products that deliver high reliability, long life expectancy, and are resistant to extreme weather conditions, mechanical vibration, and shock. With our innovative LED Displays, customers can choose products with rich color capabilities, low cost, standard brightness and high ambient light that are designed to meet a variety of industrial and consumer applications.
Broadcom offers a full range of Seven Segment Displays ranging from low cost, standard brightness displays to high ambient light displays. Dual and single digit displays are available in assorted character heights and colors.

Broadcom Seven Segment Displays are divided into two platforms to address the requirements in both industrial and consumer markets. The displays for industrial market are designed with high reliability applications and extremely durable product packaging that able to function in high temperature environment. For the consumer market, customers will find it very attractive as it can be built for cost sensitive and general purpose of display applications.

The highly integrated customization capability of the Broadcom Seven Segment Displays also enables the products to fit well to specific customer design needs, making the products unique to the customers’ applications.

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