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LEVELS 64+ DRAGON CROSSBOW. At level 64 you are able to sew a much better choice to RS gold Rune Crossbow. This is a really pricey weapon because its price varies around 4mil. Dragon Crossbow is the primary one to take Dragon Bolts that are far better than their Rune choice but also cost much more. If you have money to invest this is the next weapon to get and if not just skip this part. Similarly to Dragon Crossbow, this is a very modest increase to your Ranged ability that will cost you a lot. If you have sufficient money then go for it and buy one but if not you may want to skip this part. As mentioned previously boost to your ability is minimal and the cost is huge. This will be your late game weapon as it is much cheaper than alternatives and still does a fantastic job. The blowpipe is a couple of times more economical than Armadyl Crossbow however, it requires Zulrah Scales to bill that will cost you extra. It can shoot up to a Dragon Darts and contains an amazing special attack that increases damage dealt and fixes the consumer. This should be utilized as your main weapon until you become extremely wealthy.

There are also two honorable mentions to particular weapons: DRAGON HUNTER CROSSBOW. Is a similar weapon to Dragon Crossbow with regards to stats but it's an incredible 30% bonus to damage while battling Dragons. It's the greatest weapon to farm on these creatures and because of that prices over 100mil. TWISTED BOW. It acts differently than other Ranged weapons that have a established strength in their attacks. Twisted Bow scales its damage and accuracy determined by Magic Level of your competitor. Because of that, it's ideal for fighting bosses but not so great at normal training. Since it special effect is so desired it prices over 1bil.

EQUIPMENT. Armor/legs/gloves - For your torso piece you should begin using Leather Armor. At level 20 Ranged/Defence you can switch it into OSRS gold For Sale Studded Leather and following level 30 you can wear Snakeskin Armor. After that from level 40 you can start wearing D'hides. For green that is weakest, you may need Dragon Slayer quest. If you do not need to do it just wait until level 50 and use Blue D'hide rather than

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