How to Fix Basic Issues with an HP Printer?

Ааа т`ва PC ме дразни вече...Как да инсталирам тая програма...всякакви такива работи тук ;)

How to Fix Basic Issues with an HP Printer?

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How to connect the HP printer to the Windows OS?
The general procedure for HP Printer support to connect the printer to the Windows OS is:
  • Power up the Windows device and ensure it has no problem.
  • Then, go to Change device installation settings on the Windows device.
  • Choose- Yes, finish the process and keep the computer, router, and printer near each other.
  • Access the printer panel, choose- Setup, select- network setup, and choose- wireless settings.
  • Choose your desired Wi-Fi, enter its passcode, and finish the process.
  • Access- Add a printer or scanner on the computer and choose your HP printer.
  • Select- Add device and finish the driver setup using the on-screen HP Printer support instructions.

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