Final year medical students 'can't afford to pay rent'

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Final year medical students 'can't afford to pay rent'

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Final year medical students 'can't afford to pay rent'


Final year medical students have said they are facing having to quit their training because they don't have enough money to live on.

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The students are campaigning for better NHS bursaries.

In their final year, student doctors get a reduced loan and an NHS bursary - which is a maximum of £6,458 to live on annually for someone outside of London.

Students have said this is not enough on which to survive, especially for those from low-income backgrounds.

The campaign for a #LiveableNHSBursary has been backed by the British Medical Association - which described the funding as "a failure from the Government".

Khadija Meghrawi, co-chair of the BMA medical students committee, said: "This is particularly unbearable now when the whole country is suffering from a terrible cost of living crisis."

Penny Sucharitkul, a student doctor at Leeds University, said her annual funding has dropped from more than £10,000 to £5,375.

She said the money does not even cover her rent - which was recently increased by her landlord.

The 22-year-old is from a single-parent family which had to rely on universal credit after her father lost his job as a factory worker during the pandemic.

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